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Young Students Teach Younger Kids

Team AIRO is three middle school friends who are STEM enthusiasts. We founded Team AIRO in 2016. We are passionate about Computer Programming, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Advanced Mathematics. We are honor roll students at the school, have very high SAT scores while in 7th grade yet, and are recognized by various gifted & talented programs at Davidson University, John Hopkins University (JHU), Duke University, etc. We are already doing well in Mathematics and Robotics competitions - in fact winning first prizes at national level JHU Robotics Challenge in 2016 and 2017. We regularly post on social media our own achievements as well as updates about our ongoing community activities. We are reachable at email 2016airo@gmail.com. We are also at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Feel free to follow up and visit this website to learn our latest offering and achievements.

While we master our STEM skills, we have a keen sense of 'giving back' to the community. We volunteer for STEM related activities at local libraries, non-profit Organizations such as JerseySTEM, and teach & mentor younger students the STEM related topics. In year 2016 & 2017, we taught more than 100 students, ranging from 2nd grade to 9th grade, and have mentored two Jr. FLL (Lego) competition teams formed by JerseySTEM (a non-profit organization). In 2017, we also started teaching "live online" classes with video, audio and screen sharing. In 2017 and beyond we are planning to come up with many exciting STEM classes to teach. Keep visiting our Programs section of the webpage to learn and register to future classes.

As you know, learning technologies require a lot of resources: books, study material subscriptions, equipment etc. Especially participating in competitions is very expensive considering registrations fees, buying robotics hardware & travelling etc. Expense usually run into few hundreds per competition. While we are fortunate to have our parents supporting us, there are some limits to that. The generous donations coming from well-wishers like you helps us tremendously. You have supported us so much in year 2016, and we are sure to receive continuous support in year 2017 also. The fund will be used only towards STEM study & competition related expenses, for the up keeping of our social presence where we share updates with the online community, and for the arrangements of our classes to teach younger kids. The Team AIRO pledges to keep doing what we have been doing well so far: empowering ourselves and the community both, by means of learning & giving back. The team also pledges to remain frugal & green and recycle as much as they can to not waste any resources. The love & respect we have been getting from the community around us is a key motivator for us to keep doing great and keep giving-back to the community also. So please keep it coming. Support the Team AIRO....

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