Getting an Early Ride to SAT

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first ever blog! My name is Gyan Ghoda, one of the founders of Team AIRO with Om Desai and Siddhant Desai (You may have heard about me from Om’s blog). I am a 13 year old boy who just finished seventh grade and have started my fun summer vacation! I am extremely passionate about mathematics, robotics, and programming since I was a very young boy. My hobbies are playing basketball, participating in Boy Scouts, and, as you may know from our classes, Rubik’s Cube solving. Now you may be wondering what is the purpose of this blog. This blog will show you the differences between the PSAT and SAT and why you should (and will) take the SAT early!

Differences between the PSAT and SAT

While you may think that the PSAT is just an easier version of the SAT, that is far from the truth. The PSAT is actually almost the same as the SAT. Let’s break them both down. The PSAT and SAT are both exactly the same content wise. In fact, one of the most used strategies in studying for the PSAT is to study SAT material like on Khan Academy. They also have very minor differences in the amount of time and questions. The main difference between the PSAT and the SAT is the score range. The PSAT score range is 320-1520 and the SAT score range is 400-1600. This difference is supposed to predict your SAT score with the PSAT score (1500/1520 on the PSAT is 1500/1600 on the SAT). Another thing I would like to add is that the PSAT is used purely for talent search and nothing else, while the SAT is used in talent search, college admissions, and more. Talent search is a program set up by a college where they look for outstanding scores by people under the age of 13 to recognize for an award. There are many programs such as Duke TIP, John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, and NUMATS. This means that there is no major difference between the SAT and the PSAT. My preference would be to take the SAT early over the PSAT so you can prepare for your future.  

Why should I take the SAT early?

This is a question that you may think has no meaning. However, there are persuasive reasons why you should take the SAT before you turn 13. One reason is that you can have the experience of taking the SAT. One of the main problems of the SAT is stress, however if you take the SAT early, the next time it will help calm down the butterflies in your stomach while you are getting ready to test. Another advantage is that you can win awards for taking the SAT before you turn 13 years old if you get a good score. For example, when I took the SAT and scored a very good score in math, I won 2 state level awards and 2 national level awards. To get these awards I traveled to Ivy League colleges and attended a ceremony in which I got my awards. You will also know more advanced math than most of the other people at your age which can help you at school with your grade.

In conclusion, you now know that the PSAT is not that different from the SAT in terms of content and overall difficulty. My preference is that the SAT should be taken over the PSAT. Also, you now know that taking the SAT early has many benefits such as, learning the experience, being eligible for awards, and being ahead of the learning curve. Hope you enjoyed this blog :)! Feel free to email me through our website if you have any questions. Have a great summer, I know I will!